The Cascade Theatre is a beautifully restored art deco performing arts center, but it is also a great place to host a concert, business meeting, wedding, or company party! The Cascade has excellent lighting, sound, and video equipment along with a highly skilled and courteous staff to make your event run smoothly. If you would like more information about renting the Cascade Theatre, please fill out the Rental Inquiry Form below. Theatre staff will contact you soon to discuss your event, check the calendar for availability, and generate a rental estimate.

Cascade Theatre Rental Policies

The Cascade Theatre produces and/or presents a season of events for the benefit of our community as part of our mission to foster the arts, provide cultural enrichment, mitigate rural isolation and enhance economic opportunities in Northern California. We also make our facilities available to the community for community events and to the greater region and beyond to bring events to the community. To balance these many goals, the Cascade Theatre has adopted the following policies.

Priority of Season Booking

Booking a varied season of events is important to the organization’s mission to broaden the arts and cultural opportunities in our rural community. It is also important for the financial health of the theater as these events pay most of our operating expenses. Booking is dependent on being able to capture artists when they travel through the region, whenever that may be. For that reason and as is standard practice in presenting houses that also rent their facilities, the theater reserves first-right-of-refusal on all calendar dates each season until it is fully booked and dates are released to rental clients. That release date will occur around mid-April for our Summer-Autumn Season (July-December) and around mid-October for our Winter-Spring Season (January-June).

Long-Term Multi-Rental Clients

While our theater’s business model is not able to accommodate resident companies, in recognition of our long relationship, clients with long-term rental histories with us that rent the facilities more than four separate occasions each year will have the next priority on calendar dates.

Local Nonprofit Rental Clients

We believe in supporting our local nonprofit community. As such, local nonprofit groups who wish to use the facility for public events have next priority on calendar dates.

Commercial, Out-of-Area & Private Events

And finally, calendar dates will be available to commercial organizations/events, event producers from out of the theater’s county, and for private events.

Booking Procedure, Holds and Challenges

Rental clients may hold up to two calendar dates for their event if the dates are more than 90-days in the future (for example September 1 or September 21) for up to 30-days without deposit. Dates cannot be held for more than 30-days without contract and deposit and at the time of contract they must be contracted for a specific date only. Rental dates less than 90-days in the future will not be held without contract and deposit.

Should another party wish to rent a date that is currently held by another client without a deposit, the party holding that date will have 5 business days to secure their date with a contract and deposit or the challenging party may secure the date with a contract and deposit.

Noncompetition Policy

The Cascade Theatre will not rent the theater to events that compete with its season events, including to most promoters of events similar to the types, styles and genres that are typical of our season. At its discretion, the theater may also refuse rentals that are similar to existing rental events in a similar time period.

Equal Access Policy

We expect presenters, organizers, fans, patrons, vendors, our employees and all who work with us to provide access to events to everyone and do not allow programming or events that discriminate or advocate for discrimination on the basis of race, religion, creed, ethnicity, national origin (including ancestry), citizenship status, physical or mental disability, age, marital status, family relationship, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, veteran or military status, predisposing genetic characteristics, domestic violence victim status or any other protected category under applicable local, state or federal law.