Many ticket resellers such as StubHub, Seat Geek, Vivid Seats, Tickets-Center and others offer Cascade Theatre tickets at highly inflated prices. To get the lowest prices possible and to be guaranteed that your ticket is legitimate, be sure to purchase your tickets to Cascade Theatre shows only at our official website at Cascade Theatre cannot guarantee the validity of ticket purchases made on other websites or from third-parties. The Cascade Theatre cannot retrieve contact information, tickets, or order details for orders placed on a website other than Tickets booked from a third-party will have no avenue for a refund or credit from Cascade Theatre.

All Cascade Theatre hard tickets and e-tickets have the original face value of the ticket and the exact seat information including the Row and Seat number (example: Row A Seat 101) printed clearly on them (General Admission tickets will clearly state “General Admission” and will include a ticket number.)

Always double check that you are buying directly from the Cascade Theatre for every show before placing an order for Cascade Theatre tickets. If you are placing an order that appears suspect, please call our box office at 530-243-8877 to ensure your tickets are being purchased through the Cascade Theatre.