Many ticket resellers such as StubHub, Seat Geek, Vivid Seats, Tickets-Center and others offer Cascade Theatre tickets at highly inflated prices. Be sure to purchase your tickets to Cascade shows only at our official website at CascadeTheatre.org to get the lowest prices possible and to be guaranteed that your ticket is legitimate. Cascade Theatre cannot guarantee ticket purchases made on other websites or from third-parties and those tickets may not grant you admission to the show. If a show is cancelled or postponed, we also would have no contact information to be able to alert you to the change and will also not be able to issue you a refund in case of cancellation.

Please always check that you are buying directly from the Cascade Theatre for every show. No other outlets are authorized or supported.


Cascade Theatre Price $36
StubHub $99
Vivid Seats $199
Tickets-Center $239
Seat Geek $482


The Cascade Theatre does not sell to ticket brokers or resellers and reserves the right to cancel and refund purchases found to be suspect. No tickets are mailed to areas outside our region and emailed tickets later found to be suspect will be cancelled and will not scan at the door. Tickets may not be transferred to a second party without purchaser ID. Only the first scan will allow entry — do not make copies or attempt to sell copies. Resale/attempted resale of a ticket at a price higher than face value is a violation of our terms and grounds for seizure/cancellation without refund. All hard tickets and e-tickets have the original face value of the ticket printed on them.